OC EVENT: Star Wars Themed Beers at Pizza Port San Clemente

"It's a Tap!" Pizza Port San Clemente Event

“It’s a Tap!” Pizza Port San Clemente Event

Pizza Port San Clemente will host one epic unique beer party “It’s a Tap!” will feature many of the brewery’s Star Wars themed beers. Most of which have never been tapped before. I have had the “Nerf Herder” which is a English Mild Ale and is very delicious. 

As far as the brewpub, they go all out on everything they do. So they will undergo this one day transformation from their regular bar to Mos Eisley’s cantina!

This all day event on August 19th, is free and will definitely be one to remember (or try to). So mark it in your galactic calendars and may the force be with you!

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