Growler Cleaning From Home

Growler cleaning may seem like a tedious task, but it is necessary for your growler’s health and for the taste of the next beer it will be filled with. Some breweries may clean your growler for you, so it’s best to ask when getting your first growler fill. After a growler is filled and properly sealed, it can last anywhere from 3-4 days without being opened and properly refrigerated. After a growler has been opened, it is best to enjoy between the day of opening to the following day.
Growlers come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. Your size and style may be limited to what your local brewery offers. For those that don’t know, and I must admit I was a victim of this with my first brewery growler fill. A brewery/brewpub can only fill their own labeled growlers as by state law. So don’t expect a Stone growler to be filled at Hangar 24 and so on.
No matter if you or your brewery cleans your growler, after you have finished your last pour of beer, immediately rinse with warm to hot water. This will wash away any leftover beer suds and residue. If you have a cap top growler, rinse this as well.

The following guide is my own way of cleaning my growler. My steps are of my own accord. Clean your growler at your own risk. Failure to clean and dry your growler can result in mold, unwanted residue, cracks, or cause it to explode. CLEAN YOUR GROWLER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Now after the rinse add a very, very small amount of unscented dish soap in my growler as hot water goes in at the same time.

Top view of growler with soap

After I have filled 3/4 of my growler with water, the soap from the bottom is being pushed out.

Soap being pushed out from growler

Now swirl, shake and dump the water from the growler and fill again with warm water.

Cap 3/4 of growler top with thumb and shake.

Keep repeating until you can fill and dump water from the growler and no soap suds remain.

Clean water pouring from growler


I recommend the Growler Collar for screw top growlers. Otherwise a dish drying rack will work just as well.

Growlers on a dishwasher rack to dry


That’s it! One final sniff test after your growler is dry will confirm no soap residue or anything is inside. Take care of your growler and your growler will take care of you.

And if you have an old growler and are feeling crafty, you can make a growler lamp!

Do you have a recommended or prefered way of cleaning?

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